I had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects that helped shape the brand’s identity. I started by designing a new logo that captured the essence of the brand. From there, I worked on the branding and the overall look and feel of the brand, ensuring that it was consistent across all platforms. I also designed the majority of the leggings, which were a key product for the brand. In addition, I designed all of the campaigns and social media content for Megasstic, ensuring that they were visually appealing and aligned with the brand’s messaging. Finally, I helped with design of the website, which was a crucial component of the brand’s online presence. Overall, I am proud of the work I did for Megasstic and believe that it helped elevate the brand to new heights.



Incredibly comfortable, stretchy, and breathable material for a perfect fit and a large collection of various designs are just a part of the story being written by Megasstic, our high-quality sports clothing brand.

CLIENT: Megasstic© | SERVICE: Branding | YEAR: 2020 | CREATIVE DIRECTION & BRANDING: thr2™